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About Pearson

At Pearson, we believe education-lifelong, from childhood through our working lives and into our golden years-will be one of the great growth industries of the 21st century.

Not all education happens formally in a classroom. Much of learning takes place on the job. Much of it occurs in the process of entertaining ourselves. Much of it evolves through what we read. Much of it comes from talking to others about what they have read, learned or interpreted.

So, we're building an education company to suit that world.

We want to be the biggest, most effective and the most valuable. But primarily, we want to remain the kind of company that focuses on people becoming more able to learn in different ways, more able to get a job, more able to move on in their careers.

We want to help others make better decisions, understand new concepts, use their intellect to solve problems and simply draw more out of life.

Our Culture

Every company has a culture. Ours is based on a mutual appreciation for each other and for innovative strategies. At Pearson, our core values remain the same year after year. In everything we do, we aspire to be brave, decent, and imaginative.

  • Our people will always be our most important asset. We expect great things from them, and we reward our associates well for their competency and dedication.
  • Our customers drive our decisions. We consistently reevaluate their ever-shifting tastes, and we stand ready to meet their individual needs.
  • Our shareholders own our business. We welcome our staff to join our external shareholders in company ownership, which encourages all of us to manage our resources most effectively.
  • Our suppliers partner with us to provide fresh ideas and efficient service. We insist on competitive prices and quality products, as we treat each vendor with well-deserved honesty and respect.
  • Our assets consist primarily of intellectual property. We value the contributions of those who create software, develop new processes, and produce written and online materials for our constituents.
  • Our communities embrace our workforce. At Pearson, we frequently give back to our neighborhoods and help foster widespread community growth.

Get to Know Us

Pearson is a creative business, and everything we do is only as good as the imagination and ingenuity of the people who work here. We're proud of our people and of their talent, drive and enthusiasm. We have a simple, but ambitious goal: to be the best company to work for in the world, so that our people have the skills to leave, but choose to stay.

Our People Come First

At Pearson, we aim to hire the very best people, keep them motivated and inspired, reward them for what they do and give them opportunities to grow and learn.

Commitment to Diversity

Everything we create at Pearson - ideas, stories, newspapers, images, books, websites - is only as good as our people's minds and imaginations. Our goal is to be the best place to work, where people want to work and where they treat others as they want to be treated.

Our first step is to provide recruitment and development programs, benefits and a culture that rivals anywhere else. Based on our ability to retain talented professionals, we believe we're well on our way. At Pearson, when we say "diversity", we mean that we have a workforce and client base where differences are valued and respected as an essential part of a successful future.

That's why we consider diversity a high priority. The more global we become, the more we must value and understand what makes us different. Pearson pursues the best candidates at all levels, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, physical capabilities, religion or sexual orientation. We determine pay rates, retention and promotions without discrimination.

Our diversity plan includes the following highlights:

  • Student Recruitment
  • Internships
  • Promotion and Retention
  • Preferred Suppliers
  • Community Programs

To learn more about our commitment to diversity, please visit our corporate diversity page.

Benefits at a Glance

Because we search for the most talented professionals to join our businesses, we know how important it is to offer the best combination of pay, benefits, programs and rewards. Pearson encourages qualified candidates to consider our exceptional career opportunities, competitive salaries, outstanding benefits and work/life programs.